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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 6, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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pernicious when writing to the factor. and we want to here from you all over the world. we got an antarctica and we are on all over the place. please always remember that the spin stops right here in california. because we are definitely looking out for you! >> welcome to "hannity." now that the president through mr. geithner announces he wants to go over the fiscal cliff. they have to understand the person they are negotiating with he views it more through
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ideology than the economy. in his view, it's the equivalent of a grain of sand on the beach. even if he gets what he wants wishes is to raise the top rates from 35% to 39.6%, the revenues would merely fund this governor for roughly 8 days. it would hardly make a dent in the yearly deficit and not even a chip of a cent off the debt. he said he would rather go over the fiscal cliff than not to raise tax rates. so obama pushing higher taxes on the top 2%, not for economic reasons but for i'd logical reasons but there is also this obvious fact. obama wants to raise the top rates for political reasons. now that is he wants to force republicans to raise tacks in order to trigger a civil war within the gop and the conservative movement, and in
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that respect sadly obama is having some success. now so long as this debate is focused not on cutting spending but on raising daxs and revenues with the only question being which taxes, how much revenue, then obama wins. now if obama succeeds in making the argument not about his spending, but about grover norquist, he wins there, too. for republicans, on the other hand, if they can figure out a way to refocus the debate on spending, they win and the country wins. we can't kid ourselves that's correct is not easy to do. obama has the biggest microphone in the land and he also has the media in his hip pocket. all the gop has is control of the house. now it's very hard, it's inherently hard for any brin. of congress to present a unified disciplined front. no the policy show the public will blame the gop if we go over the fiscal cliff. if that's the case, if he won't deal unless the republicans
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agree to raise the top rates or revenues, then boehner needs to understand this reality and not under any circumstances surrender or appear weak. now what that means specifically is boehner cannot allow himself to begin to negotiate with himself anda republicans because all that will do is vindicate and reward obama's inflexibility and cause a fierce fight within the gop and conservative. i get the feeling with each and every day as republicans move closer and closer to the obama position, that they are too afraid to go over the clip. they are too willing to make a deal, any deal, no matter how bad that might be. that's the danger. and there's a feeling out there these days in terms of the body language and the posture of the republican leadership, that's the direction they are headed. they look like they are atrade. they look like they want to deal and if they don't get one, the world is going to come crashing down on them. that's the mind-set that needs to change. so if boehner and company need to do are the following.
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one, they need to understand the game that obama is playing and they need to adjust accordingly to it. if obama is acting a way that isn't to help the economy but to destroy the republican party, they have to accept that and act wisely. it would be suicidable to assume you are dealing with a reasonable and flexible man what you are not. and two, house republicans need to advance legislation that needs to advance their agenda and send it to the senate. if it dice, sobeit. at least they will offer an alternative. and republicans need to keep in mind if we go over the cliff, we know republicans will be blamed, but obama will also be badly damaged by this. he's head of the parade and a a badly weakened economy is going to hurt him more than anything. the republicans need to figure out their hand is stronger than they think, and they need to remember they are the ones that
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control spending and under no circumstances should they ever give obama a blank check or give up their constitutional authority. now four, republicans, and in particular, john boehner, a party that gets trapped, you always suffer and they suffer in particular if they lose the battle over the narrative. that's what's happening to republicans since all the focus is on tacks tacks and not spend. republicans need to take steps like passing real legislation that allows them to talk about their agenda, not what obama needs to talk about, and they have to figure out creative ways to make their case to the american people. it's time that republicans have the courage of their convictions. it is simply immoral to continue to steal from future generations with out of control deficits and now record debt. now going over this cliff to prevent the country from going bankrupt would be, under these circumstances, i argue, a very
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noble endeavor. a noble goal. this is simply sanding up for what is right, what is morale, what is just. it's standing up for your children and future generations. it is the right thing to do because this is now a fight for the soul of america. and joining us now fox news contributor juan williams and the author of "the great destroyer" david limbaugh. gentlemen, welcome back to hannity. >> good to be with you sean. >> thank you. >> david, what do you think of all of that? >> i think your intro and your monologue was outstanding. it's exactly what i believe. obama is not negotiating, sean, or juan. he is posturing, he is bullying, he is refuse to go put forward a plan to cut spending or reform entitlements without which we will go bankrupt as a nation. so boehner and his team have to understand that the first fiscal cliff, which is not the real fiscal cliff -- the real fiscal cliff is national bankruptcy, and its imminent if we don't cut
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spending and entitlements . obama is a bully, inflection i believe, making demands we can't accept because his demands involve spending increases, no spending reductions, tax increases on two percent of people who won't do anything with revenues. it's totally unacceptable. at least under the fiscal cliff we have some mandatory cut, albeit us proportionately to defense spending. but it's better than accepting obama's terms crammed down our throat. boehner needs to get a told of this pr machine and paint obama as the one who is holding the country hostage. he wants to talk about holding the middle class hostage. no, it's him holding the entire country hostage and our kids hostage to his reckless spending and cynical refusal to enter the entitlement reform game. >> i don't even want to hear more about taxes. juan, shaking your head. >> i hear you, gentlemen. you guys are wonderful.
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merry christmas. but sean you said hyperpartisanship, and david talks about inflexibility. you know, and i'm thinking to myself, gee, where have i seen this before? i see it on the republican side, and i think most of the american people when you look he about policy, i'm not just -- >> tell me where obama is giving in this debate at all. he said he wanted to find a middle ground. where has he reached out to republicans? can you tell me. >> sure, i'm going to do it on your terms. he's already cut more than $1 trillion in spending in this budget. >> no. >> smoke and mirrors. >> he has to deal with debt -- >> $6 trillion now obama debt. >> juan, can you concede that his -- if he said the clinton tax cuts are good, then he needs to make sure the clinton tax cuts are back in place for all people, not just the rich. but just imposing tax on the rich, you will have to concede, is part of his class warfare scheme and his desire to get
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even with the successful people. it's contrary to the american dream. it will not do anything to address our revenue issue and our debt issue. david, how can you support this? >> david, just a moment. you and sean both agree, and i want to join you in this, we need to do something about spending in this country, it's out of control. we need to limb the size of government. if you truly believe these things, then you say it's not just about imposing damage on the middle class, the poor who rely on social safety net programs. you have to say the rich have to have some skin in the game. >> hang on one second. >> and they do, they do. >> hang on, hang on. >> and it in terms of tax rates in this country. >> hold on. one sec. i want to ask juan a question. why won't the president negotiate all of this at the same time in because the president is saying give me what i want and then maybe next year we'll talk about what you want and we all know that's not going to happen. >> i don't think that's true. >> very true. >> from what i understand in washington, the president is saying what is critical is that
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republicans have to stop being inflection i believe by protecting the top two percent and sacrificing the rest of us. and if they do something about taxes on the very rich we can then talk about what spending cuts will be put in place. >> david. >> it's not fair and it's not intellectually honest, juan, my friend, to say the top two percent are harming the rest of the country because of their tax rate. they are already paying the highest rate. >> what? >> they are paying more than their fair share, and i repeat, i repeat, this is not an issue that's going to resolve the debt issue. it won't make a debt in it. >> wait, david. that's a distortion. david, that's a distortion torsion. >> no, it's not. >> nobody said and sean rightly pointed out the taxes that will be imposed on the top two percent would only pay for government spending for eight days or so. >> that's right. >> that's right. >> the reality is what you have to say is everybody is making a
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contribution to reduce the size of the debt, and that's what we -- >> juan, wait second. >> it's not reducing the debt. >> i don't want to interrupt. >> no, no, you go. >> it's not reducing the debt. won't address 24. it's intellectually dishonest of you to say raising the taxes on the rich will cause any dent in the debt. >> of course, it will. >> therefore -- >> you just said it will cause a debt. >> i said it wouldn't cause a don't. >> it won't? okay, you both said it. but that, too, is part of a balanced approach. you are asking the president to negotiate. i think the president is willing to negotiate. >> his approach is -- his approach is unbalanced because all he wants to do is affect the tax side and not the spending side. he's lying when he says he's got a balanced approach. it's not balanced. >> let me interrupt here. hang on, hang on. >> why are you accusing the
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president of lying in that's crazy. >> because he is. >> the president sent tax cheat geithner up to meet with the leaders on capitol hill. the president campaigned on an $800 billion tax increase. and they offered double the amount in tax increases. he ab add new stimulus, $150 billion new stimulus program, $50 billion next year. then he wanted another extension of unemployment that's $30 billion more, and then, arrogantly, he wanted to take away constitutional power from congress so that he can raise the debt ceiling and the republicans give him a blank check. that's not a serious offer. that's not balanced. he's not dealing with either tax reform or entitlement reform or any spending of any kind. david is 100% right, that's not balanced. >> first of all, the revenue that you were referring to would include some of these tax rates hikes, but it would also include the ideas that came from romney
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and the republicans on the hill. >> where is the spending cut? where is the balance. >> hang on, gentlemen. and when you talk about spending cuts, the president is saying we have to cut gradually in order to protect our economy, which is slow and fragilely recovering from the devastation of the past. you can't ignore it and you can't hurt the poor and needy and saying the rich can go off tra la-ling. >> that's what they are doing, tra la-ling? >> you can't get water out of a stone. >> that's a terrible thing. >> we have an increasing class divide in the country and you are saying we need to get more out of the poor. that's not right. >> no, we're not saying that. the bottom 50% aren't even in this contemplation. we aren't even talking about taxing the bottom 50%. what are you talking about? quit using the propaganda calling lawful deductions loopholes. i'm unhappy. i'm disgusted with all the
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euphemisms and lies. >> wait a second, david, it is. it is just what i said it is. >> loopholes. >> it is something that allows you to pay less taxes on your money, david. >> let me stop you. let me stop here. >> juan, this is a question i asked you many times in the past. you never give me a direct answer but going to give you a another chance tonight. >> okay, i appreciate it. >> let's say the tax rate goes to 40%. >> no, he said 39%. >> 39.6%. if you want to be specific. all right. 40%. >> very good. >> all right. you need precision. all right. then if you live in california, then you have a 13% state tax and new york you have a 9% state tax and you have a 3.5% city tax now you are up to 54% and you haven't paid fica or social security, no property taxes, you have been paid sales taxes or hidden taxes, so in the end in big states, people will be
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paying 60 -- a minimum of 60 cents of every dollar they make to the government. and i ask you, after every american is finished paying their fair share, how much of every dollar should they be allowed to keep, juan? and i want a direct answer. don't dodge, don't duck. what is fair? >> i don't duck. i always am straight with you, sean because i think you deserve an honest answer. number one, we are talking about federal taxation. if you want to have a argument with your county or city government, new york city and westchester county or long island go have it. >> you are not answering. >> but if you are talking about federal tax, right i'm saying to you i between between 35 and 39 is totally good. >> but that's not addressing it. wait a second. this is not a small issue. after somebody pace their federal, their state, their social security, their property, their car tax, their sales tax, after they are done giving the government their fair share, state, local, federal, what is
9:16 pm
fair? give me a definition? how much out of every dollar should they realistically be allowed to keep and we still innocent advise them to keep working hard and creating jobs because the people, the rich he is talking about, are a lot of small business owners that create jobs for a lot of middle class americans that he claims he has a monopoly on caring about. >> most of the small businesses in the country would benefit. they are part of the 98% so they would do just fine. >> a specific answer. >> i think it's not -- over 50%. but that's not an argument we are having tonight about federal taxes. >> okay. david. >> sean, he admit -- juan, you admitted basically the premise that the government has a right to allocate income. you are not talking about providing -- >> allocate income? oh, my gosh. >> hold on. constitutionally prescribed goods and services. you are saying it's unfair the
9:17 pm
poor don't have enough. there's an increasingly a divide so we should use the government to reallocate it. the way you get a better allocation is to reduce taxes to promote growth, and all income groups, every one, from lowest to highest under reagan did better than they did before. you improve all groups by promoting free markets so john boehner and the republicans should quit bragging and they ought to promote the morale case for capitalism and free markets and explain how that creates prosperity for all. >> david. >> you guys can nine -- >> david, let me say you and sean and i are doing fine in america and nobody is complaining. and under eisenhower, under reagan, tax rates are higher than they are now. >> reagan dropped them to 28%. >> what you are saying is historically not true. >> reagan went from 70 to 28% top marginal rate.
9:18 pm
>> i speak not with forked tongue, juan. i have the data. >> but i'm telling you as a matter of history tax rates have been higher and the country's economy has boomed. the country continued to boom. >> there are so many regulations -- >> all right, let me stop you first because i want to get you in. >> you don't want to talk about the need to have some kind of fairness and equity. >> i want to -- i want to -- hang on. we have barack obama in 2008 said that he with are taking a credit card to the bank of china in the name of our kids. he said then we had $9 trillion in debt. now we have over 16. he called $9 trillion reckless, irresponsible and nonpatriotic. so my question to you is, i think this issue, and this is for the republicans politically, this to me is now a national
9:19 pm
morale issue. >> it is. >> this is about our kids. you have kids, david has kids, i have kids. we are stealing from them. we are robbing them. a child born today owes nearly 300 grand -- no wonder they are crying when they come out of their mother's woman because they are broke. when will the democrats deal with their reckless spending? >> it doesn't help if we have those children born into an economy that goes backwards. >> like the obama economy. >> we need to promote growth and invest in people. >> yes. >> it's like having spending and saying i'm not sending my kid to college because we can save a dime today. that's shortsighted thinking and not what we need. >> government spinning does not cause growing. you have to start believing in adam smith. you have not answered the question why obama -- why you are supporting obama's reckless spending.
9:20 pm
he refuses to cut spending, he refuses to reform entitlements. if he is it, we go back up -- >> sean has been -- let me say, i'm not supporting anybody's reckless spending. i want to make a note for the audience sean hannity has been an honest man. he said he condemned when the prescription drug benefit was pass bid republicans without funding. when we had two wars on the books without funding. so now you build up the terrific debt and you want to blame obama. how crazy is that? >> stop with the blame bush game, juan. >> no, no. >> i'm tired of it. >> the deficit under bush with two wars raging in 2007 was $161 billion. if we hadn't -- if bush hadn't done his prescription drug entitlement then it was much more -- >> juan, juan, we've got to go. >> republicans never said yes to continuous spinning and baling out wall street here. >> coming up -- thank you going. frightening youtube video you have to see to believe.
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flush. >> it's been weeks since super storm sandy hit the northeast and many in the storm's path are still struggling with no place to live. we sent one. our producers to an area in staten island, new york where residents are still waiting for what they were promised by president obama. >> obama came down here and said he was going to try to help. and i don't think that he's really done anything. >> you get no answers from anybody. i spend my day on the phone arguing with insurance companies and arguing with fema. >> the president needs to know that, you know, we are all hurting down here. we're hurting very bad. >> we're not getting the help we need. we aren't getting the money we need to help these people. >> obama as president? no, what has he done? he came through here and made a lot of confusion. he didn't do anything. >> he lied. he said he was going to cut the red tape.
9:26 pm
they didn't cut the red tape. i said you are not cutting the red tape for the middle class? what are you, giving us the royal finger? >> we shouldn't even be in there let alone living in there. >> it's consumed my whole life. i have no life right now. this is my life. >> if obama was standing right here i would tell him that he lied, he never kept his promise, and we are still without a place to live. >> we need him to step up to the plate and to give us that extra fema money. >> we don't need bottled water or blankets or garbage bags we need housing and money. that's what we need. >> obama, you are going on vacation to hawaii for 21 days with your family. wow. new york is suffering. >> i don't know where i'm going to be this christmas. i really don't. i hope i'm not in this house. >> you will be enjoying the sun in hawaii while i'll be enjoying no lights in my house.
9:27 pm
not fair. on our tax dollars you are enjoying a trip while i'm still homeless. not fair. >> mr. president, are you listening? i was watching your interview, you were in for kneel yesterday, and the one guy that mentioned the finger, there's no fema, there's no answers, there's no government help. all there were were photo ops and good-bye. >> i asked where he was and he was standing in front of his house. we tried to book him to come into the studio and he said he can't leave because he's worried about the generators. he was worried people would steal his generators if he left the front of his house. it was just amazing. earlier in the day they were on capitol hill, they were all patting each other on the back, what a great job fema was doing, what a great job they were all doing and meanwhile this guy can't walk away from the front of his house because he's afraid someone will take the generator and his wife will be cold at
9:28 pm
night. >> people need to understand this is widespread devastation. the rockaways, staten island, the jersey shore. this is as bad as katrina. i was down there and i have seen this devastation. why is there the double standard in terms of coverage. >> such an inadequate response. they don't seem to be holding obama or the administration accountable. sure, they are throwing some funds at it but not in any hurry and not in the am. it's been too little and obviously too late but nevertheless he doesn't seem to be being held accountable. with bush it was unbelievable, a complete double standard. >> we factor in katrina and then we factor in social security is broke, medicare is broke, the country is broke, we are robbing our kid and i ask this question. why do so many people put their
9:29 pm
faith, hope and trust in the government? because this is the government. this is what you can expect. >> no, because it's stuff. i get my free stuff. sean, right after that interview, i did a thing on the detroit councilwoman who said, you know, we voted for you president obama. where is our stuff? >> the quid pro quo. >> there was, you know, buyer's remorse. it was such a draft contrast between people just trying to survive, make through an emergency, emergency, and others who feel because they voted for president obama, they deserve whatever stuff. >> they want a payback. we supported carter and at least he gave us back something. where's the quid pro quo? we were here for barack obama, we helped make him president twice works is our pay back? she has a point, at least she is being honest, right? >> she has a point, kimberly -- >> i think you are right, but -- >> she's being honest. >> that's scary, though.
9:30 pm
>> median household income in detroit is $23,000. unemployment 18.9%, far above the national average. if that's the case high, did you vote four more years? >> entitlements. >> life is kind of scary. anything can happen when you get in your car. so here come government officials. they will take your fear of life away. they will give you healthcare, they will give you retirement, they will give you your medicare and give you whatever you need but they get power and we give up our liberties. but they play on people's fierce. we don't teach freedom anymore and how to take advantage of it. >> we actually teach the opposite that is to fear freedom. that you can't do for yourself. why would you when you can have the government do for you? make sure you keep someone in place that will keep handing it to you. >> we don't want to pay our fair share of 70 cents of every dollar. >> you look at the pictures and it could be anywhere but you don't expect it to be america.
9:31 pm
that's the united states of america, the new jersey shore. do you know what the highest number one state per capita state is in the highest nation for taxes? new jersey. >> do you want to give president obama a fair hug again? >> new york is up there in the top five. >> california, they just voted 13.3% state tax on top of the obama 40% tax. >> why do you think people are leaving? why would you stay there? >> you wouldn't. >> good to see you. the five is doing great. won greatlation toss both of you. coming up, liberals deny there are any eye vent extremists on theiren of the video spectrum but anarchists are now calling for violence on american soil. and is john boehner retaliating against his own tea party members? we have two congressmen who stood by the tea party principles and they now find themselves stripped of key positions. we will tell you what they are going through inside the
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>> liberals have turned a blind eye to extremists operate. we saw it all year long. now a new group has taken it earlier. here's a youtube group you see the radical group called the black block anarchists. openly brag but using terrorist-type tactics. watch this. ♪ ♪ .
9:37 pm
>> now you just saw what is not only frightening but it's the exact thing we were warned about in a film occupy unmasked. they warned about what could happen if it spread here in america. not convinced? how about this. certain clips of their movie are in the youtube video we just showed you. while the group, the black block anarchists do not connect themselves to the occupy movement, there are obvious similarities to the two. executive charm of breitbart news, mr. steve, and brandon darby was an occupy protest who was in the group and then became an informant for the fbi. >> brandon, you were inside the movement and one of the thing i'm afraid of is you have the
9:38 pm
extreme left that wants to fundamentally transform and change america in ways that i don't think the average american would really comprehend. you were there. you were inside. how widespread is the thinking on this? >> sean, you have to understand that this video is really a serious of videos. a serious of videos where this same sentiment has been expressed t happened in the 2008 republican national convention. what i learned working undercover with the fbi was that these groups oftentimes are supported by the moderate left of center groups. and they are oftentimes protected by them in the media after they get caught by law enforcement. >> that's a fascinating thing, steve, because remember we had the guy deaf -- deficating on the police car and a rape tent set up for women because of the rapes taking place, and it was a
9:39 pm
really radical movement. we saw violence in cities across america in anything that represented a financial institution. so there is this real radical element out there. how widespread is it? >> it's very widespread. remember the reason andrew bright bark wanted to do the film and the reason they decide today do it and have people like lee from breitbart who wrote the article that this tape was found in and darby, guys who were radicals inside the movement is because the underpinning ofs of the movement is confrontational and add cal. they are using this as a recruitment tool. they are proud of it. they are not conservatives, they are liberals. they mock liberals who are not prepare to take the fight to police and the institutions. and black block is an integral part of the movement. we shouldn't guy into the idea they are separate. they are all one movement. this is just the special forces of the occupy movement.
9:40 pm
they are dangerous and they are proud of being dangerous. in this video they be proud and brag about taking on the police. they are an inherently dangerous and violent organization. >> let me ask you because they even say that they want to use military tactics to destroy corporate property. were you inside meetings where they were plotting, scheming and planning this sort of behavior? >> yes, sir. i worked undercover with the fib for two years. >> what did they want to do? >> it culminated -- what they wanted to do in my last investigation where i testified was they wanted to shut down the republican national convention by any means necessary and they planned to do it by any means necessary. and ultimately when the group was arrested for several bomb plots to fire bomb police officers and republicandel -- delegates, when that happened, everyone began to defend these bomb makers and to cast doubt
9:41 pm
upon the fbi, the men and women in law enforcement, and the informants who work with the fbi on the front lines of our battle against terrorism. so it all works together. but these are the the left side movement. >> pretty frightening. we have to take attention to it. seems like american institutions now are under fire and in jeopardy almost everywhere we look. when we come back, this week's roundup of the liberal news. we will check in with our media mass segment and then katie left and right and the fiscal cliff negotiations and seemingly abandoning every conservative principal. now he's targeting those who dare to stan up to his actions. and why were congressmen huelskamp and amash abruptly rue
9:42 pm
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♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow >> my next two guests say they were oust by speaker bainer from key posts because of retaliation. they are saying their conservatism has nothing do with it and it was based on a range of factors. here 20 explain what exactly they think are going on and why
9:47 pm
kansas congressman tim huelskamp is with us and from michigan we have congressman justin amash is here. all right. congressman huelskamp, let me start with you. because you were quoted saying, in fact, you believe this was directly related to votes you had given. you brought this up in conference yesterday. what were you told in conference? >> well, we were ignored. i asked for a list of the votes by which they used to make this decision and indeed it a list, a litmus test. and it wasn't provided yet. i think many of my colleagues are outraged because the vote is say democrat. i mean, we don't turn that over to anybody in washington and clearly i noted against the debt deal. i voted against a none of these budgets, i voted against these bills that didn't solve our spending problem. and that's where i've been most critical, where we are headed in washington. but that's why i ran. my folks sent me up to change washington before it changes me and now we get punished by getting taken off committees important to kansas. >> you are saying this is a
9:48 pm
result of your conservatism and this is only happening. i also read tonight the speaker said, hey, there might be more of this. we are going to be watching your votes closely. was that said? >> yes, that was said, sean. i was very disappointed in that. it was pretty clear there may be more. and that's not the way to run the house. and frankly, usually voting gets leadership is when they do things that were not conservative. we can disagree on strategy and tactics but we can't disagree on the fact we are spending too much money in washington, we are about to jump over a fiscal cliff and we have the 16.$3 trillion debt and they are focused on a few people who points out the problem. >> congressman amash, what is your interpretation of this is what do you say to the speaker s. who is denying the votes have anything do with this? >> thanks for having me on, sean. it was pretty clear there was a scorecard. they haven't denied that. but they continue to insist that wasn't the reason.
9:49 pm
it doesn't make any sense to me. if there was scorecard, and we've heard there is, then show it to us. let us see what the scorecard says. and i will bet that the reason they don't want to show it, i think it's pretty obvious, that if you were fiscally responsible, you were docked on the scorecard. you were actually marked down in the republican conference for being fiscally responsible. and we were sent here to represent the american people. the vast majority of americans want us to come here and work together to balance the budget. >> congressman huelskamp, i'm a conservative, i'm even registered conservative in new york. i'm not a registered republican. and i believe with the tea party and limited government, i think the argument ought not be about which revenues are going to raise but it ought to be about cutting spending in washington. as a conservative and the other conservatives in the country, what should they be thinking at this point in terms of are conservatives being punished in the house?
9:50 pm
because if they are, i have a big problem with that. >> sean, here's what i think is going to happen. i think the effort is underway. we have had members of leadership talk about tax increases. friday i released a video. i meant it and reaffirmed my pledge not to raise tax. and less than one business day later is when i received word i had been removed from the committee. i believe there's an effort and desire to raise tax necessary washington d.c. and i expect that out of the president of the united states and harry reid, but i expect republicans to uphold their pledge and 238 said don't raise taxes. i figure that's where they are headed. >> 16 republican congressmen can hold up the speaker ship of congressman boehner. is there a growing move men in the republican congress? >> the speaker may have miscalculated here thinking it is just going to be a few of us concerned about t but it's clear he made a threat to the rest of
9:51 pm
the conference. and people aren't taking that very well. i've heard from people high up in the ranks who are saying, look, this is not the right way to run a conference. i think this is going to backfire on speaker boehner. and people who run a conference like this have to be very careful. >> all right. gentlemen, both of you thank you. we will continue to watch the story and we will reach out to the leadership and see if they will come on and answer questions about this. coming up, time for media mash and it must be magic because we've imagined to find m absurd examples of media bias every week. that's's's's's [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy
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>> we will have a roundup of all the way the mainstream media tries to put their spin on the news and going back to the never ending news is none other, mr. brazel. how are you? >> good to see you. >> let me ask you about the last debate we had. you, along with all the other conservatives, wrote a letter telling the republicans don't cave, don't give in. and you just heard there are a number of congressmen, conservatives, who are claiming they lost key committee
9:56 pm
assignments aecause, well, they didn't go along with the leadership on some compromise issues. what is your reaction to that? >> this is serious stuff. you know, i don't believe in assisted suicide. if the republican party wants to commit suicide, i'm not going to help them do it. this is ridiculous. all the talk about grover norquist this, grover norquist that and the pledge of grover norquist, he is absolutely right when he says this is a compact between a representative and his constituents. there is not a single republican who campaigned on the theme that if elected i'll raise your taxes $800 billion. every single -- >> and make it about spending. >> and every single republican who ran for congress vowed to his constituents to hold the line on taxes and to fight to reduce spending. this just isn't honoring that.
9:57 pm
>> let's speak of grover e runs america for tax reform, doesn't believe in tax increases but the media, he's not elected, why would anyone listen to them? watch this. >> speaking of the fiscal cliff there's been all the focus on one dangerous man who stands in the way that to avert it, grover norquist. he is hereto elected nor has he ever run for office so why is washington so scared of him? >> it's also politically smart to cut the knees out from under grover norquist. this guy, who is he? >> one dangerous man, cut the knees out from under him? because he gave candidates an opportunity to sign a tax pledge. they signed it. >> two quick points. number one, a person who stands in the way of a victory by the left is a dangerous man by definition. number two, i love cokie roberts saying he's an unelected lobbyist. what is she? she is doing the exact same thing he is doing but she's
9:58 pm
doing from her perch at abc news. how dare she's pom puts, arrogant couragists say these people are unelected people. folks, so are you. >> good point. all right. let's go to pbs, paul crugman. he has the power grab to take away the constitutional authority from congress. they have the the ability to spend money. he wants to give the president a blank check. watch this. >> the president has also proposed something that john boehner calls silliness, or geithner did, which is taking the idea of debt ceiling off of congress's plate, something that members of congress think is another story. what is the value of putting that out there? >> well, again, it needs to be said. this is crazy. we we are heading to republicans
9:59 pm
doing it by blackmail. we want run on that system. we have to -- this needs to be taken offer the table. >> you know what's amazing, do these people even read the constitution? do they even know what congress's role here is? do they understand that, yes, the president won but so did the republicans in the house. what's so hard for them to get here some. >> it's a very short document. it takes about 20 minutes to read f you look at article 1, section 7 a it clearly defines that the power of the purse represents with the house of representatives. it says in black and white. these are the radicals. this is the radical left attempt to go shred the constitution and take the power to the white house. >> brent, brent, the president is proposing this. >> exactly right. exactly right. people have to understand this. but they have to understand also that taxpayer funded pbs is giving oxygen to it. >> that's a


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